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Prescription medication was consuming my finances until I got this card. My entire family is now utilizing it and I am pleased every time I hear about my savings. It has truly taken the pressure off in this tough economy.

Mike L.

I received this card and thought for sure it would never work. I mean it was free! I had a $53 prescription for my daughter so I walked into CVS right by my house and handed the card to the pharmacist along with my prescription. He came back and said $16. I was shocked, what could be better than that? Thanks prescription discount club!

Jerry S.

Top Dollar Savings

Rabeprazole Sodium: 180 units
Cost: $2,266.99;
Savings: $2,040.68, 90.01%

Ondansetron Hcl: 30 units
Cost: $621.79;
Savings: $593.01, 95.37%

Clopidogrel: 90 units
Cost: $607.04;
Savings: $579.77, 95.50%

Atorvastatin Calcium: 90 units
Cost: $598.91;
Savings: $562.41, 93.90%

Econazole Nitrate: 85 units
Cost: $596.95;
Savings: $544.58, 91.22%

Quetiapine Fumarate: 60 units
Cost: $561.99;
Savings: $521.42, 92.78%

Top Percent Savings

Topiramate: 60 units
Cost: $363.58;
Savings: $348.95, 95.97%

Clopidogrel: 30 units
Cost: $307.30;
Savings: $294.14, 95.71%

Levofloxacin: 7 units
Cost: $284.59;
Savings: $272.18, 95.63%

Clopidogrel: 90 units
Cost: $607.04;
Savings: $579.77, 95.50%

Ondansetron Hcl: 30 units
Cost: $621.79;
Savings: $593.01, 95.37%

Fluoxetine Hcl: 90 units
Cost: $295.39;
Savings: $281.42, 95.27%